Tempting and always open, our kitchen is organic in any way. Between the meal hours you can always taste Refi’s cakes and bakeries with freshly grinded coffee and any kind of tea.

We use totally organic and natural spices, vegetables while cooking. You are going to taste spices that you nearly forgat the original tastes… Our kitchen is full of original recipes and flavours…

You can always help yourself feel free to have yourself some snacks… Our favourite times around day is 5pm when you come back from the beach to have some refreshing tea or coffee. We never use artificial flavors, sauces or packed spices in our kitchen.

Refi’s vegeterian dishes are soo delicious that you can’t stop eating and also Bülent takes hold of things couple of days grilling the fresh mediterrenian fishes as you please. Don’t bite your fingers while tasting these awesome foods. Every thing here is 100% organic.


Don’t miss Refi’s jams which are made by freshly collected fruits with Bülents help. Epic dishes, magical soups and much more… Refi needs to write a book about these 🙂

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